In May of 2016, I made sure that I would find an internship after my first semester at St. John’s University. I found an Athletic Operations one. I found that one objective for my boss, could open doors and could change the outlook of my college career. After being assigned to Belson Stadium to “open the gates for a PDL soccer team, and do the scoreboard for their game”, the Executive Vice President, Marco Balsamo and I had spoken and became friendly with each other. The first few minutes, I was told that I had a “broadcasters” voice, and was asked to do their Public Address operations for the game, while their main guy was on vacation.

Since that day. May 16th, 2016, my life changed forever.

Being assigned to work the operations for St. John’s Athletic Operations, my boss at the time was not thrilled with me possibly being distracted from the work that was assigned. Turning the scoreboard on and off was key. Being in charge of the lights also that lit up all of the soccer stadium. Their office puts the interns in charge, and if I’m too nervous about doing the team a favor, I could mess things up. Luckily, I succeeded in all aspects of the internship and the favor asked by Balsamo and his family.

At the conclusion of the season, I was asked by the entire family and coaching staff if I would be back. I said most likely not, because the internship was only for the summer.

A random 917 number called me, and on the other end of the phone was “Marco from FA Euro”. Being asked to come down to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, it was a hike, but I went down anyway for obvious reason. I was offered the Director of Media/Operations job.

Since I was hired, I have been in charge of the team’s social media accounts, and the sports information sector of the team, where I conduct interviews, and develop game notes/media guides each game/season.

Below, sums up what the last two years has offered.