Quote Center: St. John's Postgame vs. DePaul


St. John's Head Coach Chris Mullin…

On the 0-4 start in BIG EAST play:
"Tonight was just a poor effort from the defensive end and strictly physicality and aggressiveness. It's not really that complicated. We will get together tomorrow and regroup. That's what it's all about. We're at the bottom of the barrel, and we have to work our way up. The only way to do that is to work hard, be aggressive, don't question yourself, and I think that we have to be more physical. That's clear as day. We have to be more physical and tougher. Especially on loose balls, rebounds, 50/50 balls, you name it. We've shown that we can do that, and when we don't we get manhandled. I don't really think it's that complicated. We will start regrouping tomorrow, and we play Tuesday so we will get ready for that."

On whether the losing has had an impact on the energy:
"I would hope not. I would think that would motivate you. I can't speak for each mindset, but that motivates me. Losing doesn't discourage me or anger me, it motivates me."

On whether the 0-4 start to BIG EAST play is similar to his first season as coach:
"Again, it doesn't really matter what happened previously. You go out, you play, be accountable for your mistakes, and that's why we watch film each day. This one is probably less about X's and O's and more about physicality and the parts of the game that don't really show up on the stat sheet."

On if the players are still playing for each other:
"When you get demoralized like that, nothing is going to look good. I'll watch it later, but I don't really have to watch too much to see 15 offensive rebounds, quickness to loose balls, and things like that. I think that tends to magnify things. We were fortunate in the first half to only be four points down. We gave them plenty of put backs, even when we had decent defensive possessions. They were just able to tip the ball in. It's not finishing off the possession, and I don't know."

On not having the physical effort:
"It's disappointing, no question. We all watched it, saw what happened, and now it's up to us to change it."

On calling a team meeting:
"I don't think there is ever a right or wrong time to call a team meeting because communication is always good. It just has to be followed up by action. Team meetings only work when they are followed up by action."

On Marcus LoVett's injury:
"I'm supposed to see the doctors after the game today, and I will get an update from them."

Redshirt junior 
Marvin Clark II…

On starting conference play 0-4:
"I just think we aren't playing for each other right now. I think that's the biggest thing. We are not playing for each other, scrambling for each other, not playing offensively like we are capable of, and just not playing for each other right now."

On what has changed throughout the season:
"I don't know. I think we need to have a team meeting to figure that out. We will definitely figure it out before Georgetown."

On whether the energy from Creighton and Seton Hall games was there:
"In bursts we had it. We made some runs, chopped it down, but just let them take it. It starts with our demeanor. They came in here and outrebounded us. They punked us. They got going early, and it was everybody for themselves. We can't win like that, playing only seven or eight guys. We can't win like that, we just can't."

Senior forward/guard Bashir Ahmed...

On starting conference play 0-4:
"Like [Marvin Clark II] said, we aren't scrambling for each other. We just have to start playing better, and just come prepared."

On the struggles on the defensive side:
"We just need to be more disciplined. We have to go back to our defensive principal and keep locking in. I think in our last two games against Seton Hall and Creighton we were playing hard, but we just couldn't maintain a lead. Today, however, we just got punked on the rebounds."

DePaul Head Coach Dave Leitao…

On winning a conference game on the road:
"We've been going through some mental things, but it's also so big to get a win on the road. It's a victory for the mind as much as it is for the physical. When you are driving things home, and it finally works, I just hope that it has a continuous effect on us throughout the season. It improves what they know, and also hammers home what we are trying to teach them."

On dominating the rebounding effort:
"One thing we've been pretty good at this season is rebounding the basketball. It hasn't been perfect, but lately it's been something we've been relying on as the season moves along, both on the defensive side and gaining extra possessions on offense."

Joseph Jarzynka