Quote Center: St. John's Postgame vs. Bowling Green


St. John’s Head Coach Chris Mullin…


On what he liked and disliked about his team’s performance:


“Tonight we kind of played three different ways. I think we got off to a really good start. The ball was moving and we had six assists and no turnovers. We made a few subs and then the ball started sticking a little bit. Quite frankly, we played a little selfish and it cost us. [Bowling Green] got their confidence and I thought they played a really good game. I think they’re very well coached and talented. They dictated the play during the latter part of the first half and into the first part of the second half when we were down 11 points.”


“I liked the start, didn’t like the middle part, and then coming out of that timeout, Justin Simon got really aggressive and made some nice plays and we gelled back together. I thought our guys did a nice job regrouping and playing the right way together. Everyone chipped in. Shamorie [Ponds] made some big baskets after being out of the game for a while. Brian Trimble came in to the game and played big minutes. To be down ten points in the second half and be discombobulated and be able to regroup and get a win like this will serve us well in the future.”


On managing Shamorie Ponds’ injury:


“Physically, if you can’t move, you can’t play. We not trying to have guys play if they are physically unable. During halftime he was feeling a little sore and after sitting a little bit in the second half, he felt that he was good enough to give it a go. When he came back, he had a little pop and made some big baskets.”


On team’s effort:


“I thought Marvin [Clark II] did a nice job. I thought all of our guys who contributed did a really nice job. We didn’t maintain our rhythm, but we had enough at certain times of the game. Even towards the end of the game, we built a nice lead, just didn’t make free throws. It was a little inconsistent but like I said, regrouping like that was encouraging. No one played really well all night but they had their little spurts and the added depth helps with that.”


On Brian Trimble Jr’s performance:


“I thought Brian [Trimble Jr.] played great defense. He got some big rebounds for us and was physical. He guarded [Dylan Frye] a few times and kept him from getting loose. He guarded [Demajeo Wiggins] on the post and had one of the bigger rebounds of the game. It’s not always about scoring. Of course scoring is important, but there’s other facets to the game that are also important that he did a good job with.”


Shamorie Ponds…


On fighting through his injury:


“It was just a minor knee issue. I just tried not to think about it and went back out on the court to fight for my team.”


On the team’s second half turnaround:


“We just stuck to coach’s game plan and kept playing hard. We kept working and pushing out there and the pieces started to fall together for us.”


LJ Figueroa…


On team’s struggles and Brian Trimble Jr’s impact:


“Losing Sedee [Keita] the first minute into the game, we already knew it was going to be an uphill battle and face some difficulties. [Bryan] Trimble came up big for us and played some great defense. He grabbed some great rebounds and helped us turn around the situation that we were in.”


On Bowling Green:


“They’re a great team. They move the ball well. They looked like they’ve been playing with each other for a while. It was a great test for us.”


On what he brings to the team:


“I come out and play with energy and a high motor every game whether I’m coming off the bench or starting. Whatever coach wants me to do to help the team win is what I’m going to do.”


Bowling Green Head Coach Michael Huger…


On tonight’s game:


“I thought we played and fought hard the whole game. St. John's is a very good and talented team. They play hard as well and can score. They play that small ball and you have to be able to match that size. We were able to match it for most of the game. Some turnovers at the end cost us the game, but that’s basketball and you have to move on to the next one. But I think [St. John's] has a really good team.”

Joseph Jarzynka