Quote Center: St. John's Postgame @ DePaul


Sophomore guard Shamorie Ponds…

On what he chalks his success up to:

"I'm just trying to find my rhythm. The team lost 11 straight and we are just trying to get it all back together. We've won four straight and we are going to try and keep it going."

On what changed after the Butler loss:

"Each and every game I just try and go out there and do whatever Coach [Mullin] needs me to do to get the W. I just spend overtime in the gym working on my game and it's paying off."

On if Ponds feels like he's in a zone:

"I feel like I was always capable of this, but I was never performing up to par. I was always confident in my game, so it's nothing new to me."

On knowing that the defense can't stop him:

"I'm just trying to react to what the defense is throwing and sending at me. Even if it's finding an open teammate."

On his offensive game:

"I was always a good shooter, and I'm just trying to work on my overall game."

Joseph Jarzynka