Quote Center: St. John's Postgame vs. Seton Hall

St. John's Head Coach Chris Mullin…

On the offensive play during overtime:

"[It was] not very good. They were playing matchup zone and we matched that up with man offense. No matter what they ran, I felt like we didn't play with any pace all game. It was a struggle to get them to play with pace and energy and that's on me, that's my responsibility."

On when to foul late during games:

"You practice, you drill and talk situations, but as we all know the game flows and things happen. [The foul from Marvin Clark in OT] was not advised but those things happen."

On defending Angel Delgado:

"We played him pretty well. We had some double teams coming at different times. I thought Tariq played really good defense. He got loose there a few times…He's a good player and you're not going to hold him down all night. I thought our strategy worked okay."

On the atmosphere at Madison Square Garden:

"I wish it would help a little more. It was a great crowd and I wish we would have given [the crowd] a little more to cheer about. I don't know what else you'd rather do on a Saturday afternoon than play at Madison Square Garden. I can't think of anything in the world."

On the team's mentality with the BIG EAST Championship coming up:

"It's hard to predict. We'll take a day off, get back and try to get some energy. I think the last two games we've been really flat. That kind of bothers me more than anything. Mistakes are fine, missed free throws, bad fouls; that happens. It's a 40 minute game, go play. Like I said, what else would you rather do on a Saturday afternoon."

Sophomore guard Shamorie Ponds…

On struggling in the first half:

"I wouldn't say it was their zone [defense]. I was missing shots. It wasn't the zone. I was missing some good looks, fell a little short. I was just missing."

On the different matchups Seton Hall played against him:

"We were trying to get [Angel] Delgado in the pick-and-roll to attack him. That was our game plan."

Redshirt junior forward Marvin Clark II…

On today's game and coming up short in overtime:

"Before we get into that, I just want to take responsibility for that foul. It was a dumb foul and if anything gave them the advantage and won them the game. Just some miscues and their zone [defense] even though we scored gave us a little bit of trouble. As a team, we just have to lock in. At times like that, it's winning time. I'll be the first to say my foul was dumb and I wasn't locked in."

On defending Seton Hall:

"We didn't contain the ball too well early on. We started getting some stops. Offensive rebounding hurt us and that's a group effort. If we want to win games we are going to have to defend, that's what we have to do to win. I tip my hat off to them, they're a tough team. They didn't have [Desi] Rodriguez and they still got it done."

Seton Hall Head Coach Kevin Willard…

On today's game:

"I am proud of how these guys were able to focus in and restart their minds on Thursday because we played well Wednesday. They respect this St. John's team and they know how good they have been playing and when you play at The Garden you have to respect the greatest venue ever; I knew these [guys] were going to play their all."

Joseph Jarzynka